We tailor the Haulerman crane to your needs

Our line consists of S and M class cranes, both of which have exactly the same operating principle – only the height of the crane changes. The size and lifting capacity of the Haulerman crane can be tailored to your needs.

We manufacture both manual and electric cranes. They have a lifting capacity of 130 to 500 kg. The electric crane is connected to the vehicle’s own battery.

The crane is installed on a support frame individually designed for the vehicle. The case-specific design allows the support frame to take up as little space as possible and is optimal for your particular vehicle. Thanks to its customizability, the Haulerman crane is suitable for a wide range of jobs – for example, maintenance and distribution vehicles, installation tasks and construction sites.

In addition, the crane can be equipped with various accessories that are just right for your use, such as a drum lifter, pallet lifter, cable reel lifter or box lifter.

– We take on the needs of our customers’ – even demanding work tasks – as a challenge, and develop individual solutions with the help of our professional skills, sums up Haulerman’s Product Development Manager Iiro Uusi-Salava.

Tell us about your lifting needs, and we will tailor the right crane for you!

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In our catalogue you can find accessories optimised for vehicle use, which help you in loading and unloading of goods both safely and efficiently.

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Haulerman cranes and their supporting frames can be tailored to your exact needs.

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