TUTEKA boosted production with a Haulerman crane

Logistics and production assistant Karri Junnila at TUTEKA uses a Haulerman crane as part of his work – saving time, his own back, and boosting the company’s production all at the same time. 

Karri started working at TUTEKA in August of 2018 and was promptly given a Haulerman crane to use. His job involves transporting materials by van from various locations to the company’s production halls.

‘There are a lot of goods, and the items can be heavy, so loading and unloading them by hand would be really slow and troublesome. With Haulerman, though, everything goes very easily and quickly,’ Karri says in appreciation.  

In his opinion, the best utility provided by a Haulerman crane to TUTEKA is the efficiency it gives rise to: plenty of time is saved at work when it is unnecessary to lift loads by hand.

’I manage to bring more materials into production each time, which on its part intensifies production. Helping hands aren’t always available, but with Haulerman I don’t even need them, because everything goes well solo, too.’

Emphasis on the power of work – not the employee’s backbone

With Haulerman’s help, Karri’s work is effective, and he has saved not only time but his own powers as well. For this reason, Karri believes that a crane enables longer careers in fields that require the handling of heavy loads.

’Thanks to Haulerman, lifting work and extra physical stress are reduced. I’m only 22 years old myself, but you also have to think in this job about what your working capacity is going to be 20 years from now. With the help I get from Haulerman, I save my own spine, and the weight is literally taken off my shoulders.’

According to Karri, the Haulerman crane has responded to the needs of his job perfectly. If any new problem has come up, a solution has been provided by Haulerman to that as well.

‘As required, I’ve received new tools and instruments such as a pallet lifter, which eases the lifting of pallets.’

Occasionally Karri also fetches loads for TUTEKA’s production hall from some particularly challenging locations.

‘Haulerman is absolutely indispensable at sites where no other lifting method is available. If I didn’t have a Haulerman crane in my vehicle, I might not even be able to take the load. At the very least, loading would be very slow, heavy and inefficient,’ Karri points out.

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