The Haulerman crane revolutionises loading

The Finnish Haulerman crane can be installed in vans or other commercial vehicles. The crane can lift a load of up to 500 kg. Loading has never been so easy, efficient or safe!

Solve the problem

The problem with conventional tail lifts is that to get the load on and off the lift, you have to move it manually or, for example, with a forklift. The Haulerman crane makes it easy to handle the load without any lifting help even when the load is not on wheels. The Haulerman lifts the load both on and off the vehicle and moves it around while inside.

Reduce costs

The Haulerman crane allows you to easily load and unload on your own. You can also lower the load to a worksite below the ground. This makes it easier to work in many locations where the vehicle cannot be driven to the level where the load is required. You save working time and money when the load does not need manual lifting or a separate crane.

Improve safety at work

The Haulerman crane makes it easy to lift, move and lower heavy or awkward loads. With the Haulerman, you don’t have to take any unnecessary risks when loading a vehicle. This improves your workers’ safety, reduces the number of injuries at work, lengthens careers, and makes work so much more attractive.

How one of our customers boosted productivity with the help of Haulerman

Turun Teräskaluste Oy, a metal industry company, began using Haulerman cranes in the autumn of 2018. They say that the best benefit of the Haulerman crane is its efficiency: when you don’t have to lift loads by hand, you save time and give your back a break.

Solves a problem

Loading and unloading succeed under challenging conditions.


Utilize the whole cargo area effectively without extra help.


Deal with heavy and hard-to-handle items safely and securely.