A Haulerman crane provides benefit in many fields

Usein hyötyajoneuvo on vajaakäytöllä johtuen siitä, että ajoneuvoa ei saada lastattua ja purettu tehokkaasti ja turvallisesti. Haulerman -nosturin ja lisävarusteidemme avulla ajoneuvon käytön tehokkuus on mahdollista nostaa uudelle tasolle.

Industrial maintenance and installation companies

The equipment needed in maintenance and installation tasks is often expensive. If it suffers damage, job performance is delayed and extra expenses are incurred. With a Haulerman crane, both loading and unloading are trouble-free, safe and secure. Equipment requiring maintenance can also be easily lifted from exceptionally difficult locations for transport.

Infrastructure construction

Concrete roadblocks, for instance, are often required in directing traffic. Their transfer from place to place by hand is very challenging indeed. A larger crane lorry is nevertheless unnecessarily big and bulky for such use. By equipping a standard van with a Haulerman crane, these types of jobs can be performed effectively and safely, saving money at the same time. With a Haulerman crane, it is also possible to lift items from beneath the earth surface; for example, pumps from wells.


Freight needs to move regardless of the conditions and circumstances. If the products are not mounted on wheels or the unloading site is in awkward terrain, a Haulerman crane can save the day. Through its use, loading proceeds effectively by utilising the entire cargo space. Moreover, the unloading of hard-to-handle items – for example, long plastic tubes or pallets for transport goods – succeeds without a hitch by utilising our special lifting accessories. It’s no longer necessary to wait and wait for a fork-lift truck to take care of loading and unloading the goods!

Construction companies

Many construction field entrepreneurs transport everything needed for the building site by regular van. Loading and unloading the vehicle can, however, be a daunting task, owing to the size of the objects or arduous terrain conditions. Backup can also be difficult to get at precisely the moment when the goods should already be on the road. With a Haulerman crane, the job is managed in a jiffy!

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In our catalogue you can find accessories optimised for vehicle use, which help you in loading and unloading of goods both safely and efficiently.

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Haulerman cranes and their supporting frames can be tailored to your exact needs.

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