Protection privacy statement

According to the statute on protection privacy, the registrar has the duty to give information to data subjects in a clear and understandable manner. This statement fulfils the information obligation.

1. Registrar

Haulerman Oy

Contact information:
Akselintie 12, FI-20200 Turku, FINLAND

Contact information in matters concerning the register:

Haulerman Oy
Akselintie 12
FI-20200 Turku, FINLAND
+358 400 526 302

2. Registered

The customer register established in connection with Haulerman Oy (hereinafter referred to as Haulerman) customership and related.

3. Basis to maintain a register and its application

  • Personal data is processed on the basis of the registrant’s customer relationship
  • Personal data is processed on the basis of consent

Application of the processing of personal data and register

Personal data is processed only for the pre-determined purposes that follow:

  • Management of customer relations
  • Distribution of information to stakeholders
  • Direct marketing
  • Analysis

4. Personal data stored in the register

The customer register contains the following information:

  • first name
  • surname
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • message(s)
  • type of customer
  • registration period
  • the possible approval or prohibition by the customer with regard to the transfer of his/her data and processing for the purpose of direct marketing, remotes sales and other direct marketing
  • analytical data (section 5)

5. Anonymised information

In order to develop our network services, we may use the analytical tools of a third party. These sorts of tools are, for instance: Google Analytics. The collection of data is automatic, and the information is anonymised during the collection period. The information collected is, among other things:

  • the IP address (and location country)
  • The user’s operations in the online service
  • type of equipment used
  • type of browser and language settings
  • Referrer information

More information regarding the anonymising of analytics:

6. Use of data analytics

We use anonymised data analytics in accordance with the regulations:

  • In order to draw up and target market and other studies, analyses and reports
  • For the verification of practical use and functionality as well as to investigate misuses
  • For the planning of business operations and for product development
  • For the generation, maintenance, protection and development of services
  • For the personalisation of services and targeting of marketing

7. Cookies and other monitoring techniques

The online service also includes ‘cookies’ (small files stored on a user’s computer) used by third parties, such as measurement and monitoring services. These third parties may set such cookies on your terminal unit in connection with the use of our online services. Third parties may use the anonymised data received from these cookies for the targeting of advertising in other online services. Our online service may also contain plug-ins to social media.

We use Google’s reCAPTCHA service to ensure that the sender of forms is a natural person. The service includes the delivery of an IP address and other information required by the reCAPTCHA service to Google. In connection with the inspection, the data protection practices of Google Inc are applied. More information about the data protection practices of Google Inc can be found from the service website at:

8. Data subject’s rights

The data subject has the following rights in regard to which all requests concerning their use should be made in writing and signed with one’s own signature or on a personal basis, address: Haulerman Oy, Akselintie 12, FI-20200, Finland.

Right of inspection

The data subject may inspect his/her personal information stored by us.

Right to data correction

The data subject may request correction to erroneous or deficient information concerning him/her.

Right of opposition

The data subject may oppose the processing of personal data if s/he is of the view that it has been handled in a manner contrary to the law.

Prohibition on direct marketing

The data subject has the right to refuse the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Right to data deletion

The data subject has the right to request the deletion of personal data if the processing of such data is considered unnecessary. We handle the deletion request, after which we either remove the data or report the justified reason why this data cannot be deleted.

It must be noted that the registrar may have a legislated or other right not to delete the data concerned. The registrar has the obligation to store accounting data in accordance with the period (10 years) set in the Accounting Act (Kirjanpitolaki), section 2 (10). For this reason, data connected with accounting cannot be removed prior to the expiration of the set term.

Cancellation of consent

If the handling of personal data concerning the data subject is based exclusively on consent and not, e.g. customership or membership, the data subject may cancel consent.

The data subject may appeal the decision to the Data Protection Supervisor

The data subject has the right to insist that we restrict the processing of disputed data until the matter has been effectively resolved.

Right of appeal

The data subject has the right to make a formal complaint to the Data Protection Supervisor in the event that s/he is of the view that we are violating the valid data protection legislation in handling personal data.

Data Protection Supervisor contact information:

9. Regular sources of information

The contact and customership information in the register is obtained from the data subject in the establishment of a customer relationship or relevant connection and notices made to the data subject’s registrar during the period concerned. The customer may also transfer his/her data via an online form. In addition to this, personal data can be collected for registrar activities connected with, for instance, social media where information on the registered person is available.

Anonymised data is collected by means of third parties’ analytics-based tools such as Google Analytics and server data.

10. Transfers of regular sources of information

We have ensured that all of our service providers observe the data protection legislation. We do not transfer personal data beyond the region of the European Union unless the business enterprise has joined the Privacy Shield system.

11. Duration of processing

  • As a rule, personal data is processed as long as customership is in effect.
  • Anonymised data is stored for a period of 26 months.

12. Handlers of personal data

Customer information is handled by those persons who look after customer relations or stakeholder operations. Those employees who are responsible for the upkeep of server functions also have access to the register. We may also partially outsource the processing of personal data to a third party, whereupon we ensure by the contractual arrangements concerned that personal data is handled in accordance with the valid data protection legislation and is otherwise compliant with the same.

13. Transfer of data outside the European Union

Data is customarily transferred outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). When data is transferred beyond the EU and EEA, we look after the protection of personal data on a sufficient level by, for instance, agreeing on the confidentiality of the data concerned as well as the matters connected with its processing in the manner required by the legislation.

14. Principles of register protection

Only the employees of Haulerman Oy have access to the register.

Electronic data:

The right to the use of customer information contained within the system as well as revision of customer information are restricted to those employees who have the right to handle customer information on behalf of their work. They are bound by non-disclosure obligations. Each user has his/her own user ID and password for access to the system. The data is collected in databases that are protected in the appropriate manner in accordance with the standards of the field. The databases and their backup copies are located in locked and guarded facilities, and only certain pre-designated persons have access to the data concerned. In addition to the situations described in these terms and conditions, information is related or transferred to external parties only as a result of the duty of notification based on law, such as that derived from the customer’s own request or a request by the authorities also based on law.

Manual data:
is stored in a locked facility with access available only to the appropriate persons concerned.

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