Haulerman is led by an experienced entrepreneur

The idea for the Haulerman crane arose a few years ago, when Raimo Kiviniemi discovered how handling heavy gas cylinders produced not only difficulties for his employees but also gaps in occupational safety.

Kivieniemi, who at that time managed Turun Teräskaluste Oy, founded by his father in 1946, did not remain helpless, but began to envision a Haulerman crane to facilitate daily lifting work. A separate company, Haulerman Oy, was established for the crane business in December 2015.

Thanks to years of product development and testing, Kivimäki and his team have developed a reliable crane that customers can be sure of. 

– We are proud to present the Haulerman crane and its features that increase efficiency, safety and economic efficiency, says Kiviniemi. 

Kiviniemi has been an entrepreneur since 1985, and he has previously led Turun Teräskaluste Oy to success and increased the company’s reputation as a subcontractor for demanding metal work. Two years ago, Aleksi Kiviniemi, a third-generation entrepreneur took over the management of Turun Teräskaluste Oy, as Kiviniemi himself focuses on developing Haulerman and the real estate company’s projects.

– Thanks to our strong experience and networks, we are able to increase the production capacity of cranes quickly. We have already exported Haulerman to international markets, such as Spain, Germany and Denmark. We continue on the international path, as there are millions of commercial vehicles in the world that can be fitted with a Haulerman crane.

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In our catalogue you can find accessories optimised for vehicle use, which help you in loading and unloading of goods both safely and efficiently.

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Haulerman cranes and their supporting frames can be tailored to your exact needs.

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