The crane can be installed in any van

Haulerman has developed a crane for installation in vans and other commercial vehicles to ease loading and unloading. Its use promotes labour efficiency, occupational safety and the magnetism of the workplace.

The support frame of the Haulerman crane is always tailored in accordance with the installation target, and mounting it is as easy for motor vehicles as for any other kind of space application.

‘Crane installation can be given to a motor vehicle outfitter, but it can also be done on one’s own initiative if the electrical systems of the vehicle are familiar. If needed, we can also install cranes ourselves in our customers’ vehicles,’ Iiro Uusi-Salava, Haulerman’s product development engineer, points out.

Maintenance and technical service firms, for example – which have the requirement to intensify and facilitate the handling of loads – gain special benefit from the product developed by Haulerman in Turku, Finland. Similarly, these cranes benefit the infrastructure construction and logistics sectors.

Commercial vehicles in use. Source: International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.

‘The numbers of commercial vehicles in operation in these sectors offer us tremendous potential markets,’ Mr Uusi-Salava relates.

Four points where business operations can be boosted and intensified

Haulerman has developed a crane that solves the problems which cannot be successfully overcome by, for example, tailgate booms or swivel jibs. The Haulerman crane serves its users under challenging conditions as well.

Using Haulerman cranes, it is also possible to lift objects from beneath the earth surface.

‘On uneven terrains, for instance, the transport of loads is particularly difficult. A forklift may not always even be available, and then loading and unloading may be impossible or time-consuming. With a Haulerman crane, it’s also possible to lift from beneath the earth surface. In other words, it can be used on piers.’

As a result of intensifying work performance, these cranes can also enable big cost savings.

‘If a vehicle is loaded with manpower, another employee is often needed alongside the driver. As a result of the Haulerman crane, handling loads requires only one person. Not only that, but use of the cargo area can be intensified substantially, because goods can also be transferred inside the vehicle as well as stacked.’

While these cranes facilitate loading and unloading, they also improve occupational safety.

‘Big loads as well are lifted by manpower. Up to 20 per cent of absenteeism caused by working conditions are the result of back problems and 80 per cent of these are caused by lifting,’ Mr Uusi-Salava relates.

The availability of labour is a challenge in many fields.

‘By offering our modern tools, which ease work performance and make the daily work go smoothly, for the use of employees, the company is better able to keep its skilled labour and attract new recruits. A Haulerman crane provides, by that token, a good competitive edge in fields where there is a lack of available labour,’ Mr Uusi-Salava sums up.

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