The company

Everything got its start from a startling observation years ago.

The idea of a crane that could be installed in a van was born when Raimo Kiviniemi happened to be on a journey to refill gas cylinders. These weighty containers are tricky to handle and there is also a heavy risk of an industrial accident. There was no working product on the market to deal with this specific problem, so it was necessary to develop a solution.

After a couple of functioning prototypes were completed, the brave step was taken to establish Haulerman Oy in December of 2015. We concentrate primarily on the development of cranes for installation in vans as well as the related accessories. Haulerman Oy is a family-owned business with its roots in Turku, Finland, but markets that are found on the global level.

Our mission is to offer our customers top-class products to make everyday work life go more smoothly: employees better able to cope with their work, while the employer saves on costs as a result of rising labour efficiency.

Raimo Kiviniemi
CEO / Founder
+358 400 313 887

Solves a problem

Loading and unloading succeed under challenging conditions.


Utilize the whole cargo area effectively without extra help.


Deal with heavy and hard-to-handle items safely and securely.

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