37 Haulerman Cranes Went to Erke in Spain

Spanish vehicle equipment provider Erke ordered 37 Haulerman S-size cranes and support frames. The cranes were tailored to the customer’s needs. 

Erke’s order consisted of 37 cranes, each with a lifting capacity of 250 kg. The cranes’ boom length and support frames were tailored to the customer’s needs.

“In addition to these standard customization options, Erke’s cranes were made so that instead of coming out of the rear door of a vehicle, they come out of the side door,” says Iiro Uusi-Salava, Product Development Manager at Haulerman.

To ensure crane suitability, Haulerman made a trial installation of one crane into a Renault Trafic vehicle already in Turku. Erke will be responsible for installing the remaining cranes based on this example. 

“The trial installation allows the Erke team to install the rest of the cranes in their customers’ vehicles in Spain, following the example and our instructions,” Iiro Uusi-Salava explains.

Haulerman carried out a trial installation on a Renault Trafic van in Turku. 

Shipment in three parts 

At Erke’s request, the shipment of the cranes was divided into three parts. Haulerman’s shipment reached the customer as agreed even though the crane delivery schedule was tight.

“The shipments arrived on time and Haulerman provided us with great service,” says Xabier Cristóbal, Sales and Marketing Director at Erke.

At the customer’s request, the shipment of the cranes was divided into three parts. Each of them was sent to Spain from the Haulerman factory in Turku.

Erke’s and Haulerman’s paths crossed in Hanover, Germany at the major trade fair IAA Mobility already a few years before the start of their cooperation. According to Xabier Cristóbal and Iiro Uusi-Salava, communication between the companies went smoothly even though it did not take place in Spanish.

“Together, we crossed the language barrier and cultural differences. Fortunately, e-mails go to the other side of any continent,” says Iiro Uusi-Salava with a laugh.

One of the cranes was installed in a van already in Finland and the rest were sent off in packages. The ready-to-use cranes were packaged in specially designed wooden boxes for easy lifting into place as the installation progresses. 

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